The last time I wrote about David Fincher’s adaptation for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo in a post from May 11th, this was the final line of the article:

“Lately I’ve been wondering about the soundtrack. Know nothing about it, but for some reason, am really really looking forward to it.”

Well, if the red band teaser trailer is any indication, it will indeed be a badass soundtrack. Trent Reznor, who just won an Oscar for scoring The Social Network, is working on the score for Dragon Tattoo and he’s messed around with Karen O’s Zeppelin cover of The Immigrant Song. F-cking amazing.

Also, Reznor + Karen O? Kinda like TSN + Where the Wild Things Are? SO good, right?

Too bad I’m not so prescient when it comes to the lottery.

As for the trailer itself – looks good so far, and very, very violent, probably more so than the Swedish original. But no one is talking yet. I mean on screen, the actors, there hasn’t been any talking yet. Entertainment Weekly initially reported that the actors would be speaking English with a Swedish accent…? Not sure if they held to that plan but if they did… well… let’s hear it first before we really let our optimism out of the cage.

Attached – photos I’ve not posted before of Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz holding hands in New York at the opening night of Jerusalem.

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