If you can’t stand the gloat…move on.

To quote the Notebook – it wasn’t over… it’s still not over!

As reported exclusively after TIFF, click here for a refresher, even after public proclamation by People and the others that the romance was dead, Reese and Jake were indeed still together and undercover. All along.

Seen cuddling in Rome at the weekend and now new photos are about to emerge that show them holding hands and kissing at LAX, apparently the two are ready to come out with their love. Convenient since their movie bombed this weekend at the box office.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

You will note, Reese is no stranger to using a relationship to further a professional agenda. Her brilliantly played Oscar campaign is testament to that. Do you remember Ryan Phillippe forcefully shoving his tongue down her throat at the Globes? See attached.

Still…it’s hard to argue with how cute these two are – Reese and Jake, sure to get the fan girls giggling and a cotton candy dream for the MiniVan Majority which is why these photos have yet to be released. Said to be worth possibly as much as $100K, they are being held for magazine publication and should be released tomorrow. Stay tuned…

source Us Magazine