Legs at Letterman but no Vince

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 25, 2008 18:09:47 November 25, 2008 18:09:47

Reese Witherspoon outside Letterman studios today for an appearance with David to promote Four Christmases in theatres tomorrow. She’s been working hard on the promotional trail, on the carpet, morning chats, magazine covers, and shouldering the responsibility for the movie, the sole face of the film thus far, even though she’s supposed to have a co-star. His name is Vince Vaughn who has been completely invisible throughout the entire press tour.

Official word is that he’s shooting a new movie overseas.

But Vince Vaughn isn’t exactly a D Lister desperate for work. Vince Vaughn can call the shots. And if Vince Vaughn truly wanted to, he could make a phone call and sell it properly. George Clooney does it all the time.

Vince however has chosen to abstain. Even though many of his cronies and contacts benefited from the production of Four Christmases with his alleged insistence, super diva bitch insistence, that those contracts be parceled out to his friends, throwing a huge stink if things did not go his way.

So now that he’s made the money, he has no interest in return the favour for the studio.


This of course leaves Reese. And if Four Christmases tanks at the box office, and it very well could judging by the crucifixion it’s receiving at the hands of critics, the public blame will fall on her. So fair.

Then again, he dated Jennifer Aniston. This shouldn’t be surprising?

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