Laura Jeanne Poon is what the incomparable Michael K at Dlisted calls Reese Witherspoon because, well, he’ll tell you if you click here. Check her out at LAX today on a flight travelling with son Tennessee (not pictured).

Look at that bag. You recognise that bag? You saw that bag last week, if you were checking this site, being carried by Gwyneth Paltrow – click here for a refresher.

GPM for Gwyneth Paltrow Martin.

LW for Reese Witherspoon.

So…do you want one now?

My issue with this bag is that it doesn’t have a zipper. If it had a zipper I’d be more interested. Because unless you’re GOOP or Laura Jeanne Poon, you don’t have personal security around making sure you don’t get robbed. How easy would it be, pushing through an airport, to have someone lift something out of that bag, monogrammed or not?