Green seemed to be the theme for Rihanna last night at the Billboard Awards. She arrived in brownish olive green on the red carpet, a vintage jacket dress by Thierry Mugler that felt super 80s and set her apart from all the sequins and bandage straps that everyone else had on. During her performance it was a comic green boa over a black suit. And when she took the stage to accept her award, it was a glitter green beach cover-up, all of it worn with a new banged bob. 

The clothes, however, weren’t the highlight. The highlight was the song. Love On The Brain…and she killed it. She sounded so good. And she sold it SO good. This is my favourite Rihanna. When she’s givin’er through the music. You have to with this song in particular. But to me, what I saw is that she cared. That she was in it for every line, without the caution of Britney or the wariness of Justin Bieber or the awkwardness of Joe Jonas or the studied deliberation of Ariana Grande.

With one exception, Rihanna was the best of the show.