Did you watch Behind The Candelabra? I’m going to keep harassing you about this.

Anyway, Rob Lowe, one of Hollywood’s most well-aged faces (is this irony? I never know), played Liberace’s plastic surgeon Dr Startz. Dr Startz did a lot of rich faces back then. Lowe’s performance was hilarious if not sliiiiiightly extra. Which surprised me. Because the key to Michael Douglas and Matt Damon’s performances were that they were so grounded, which is partly why they were so effective. There’s a scene where Soderbergh goes close up on Lowe and it took me right out of the movie because I could swear he was imitating Justin Timberlake imitating Robin Gibb on Saturday Night Live.

Dr Startz ended up killing himself in 1985. He was drug addicted and broke at the time of his death. One of his most infamous clients was a woman called Elaine Young. Dr Startz injected silicone into her face and over time, the silicone started moving around and hardening. God that is so f-cked up I can’t...

She had several procedures, like years and years worth of procedures, to try and fix the problem. Click here for an old NYT article on her ordeal. Here’s an old video of Elaine Young. Keep in mind, what you’re looking at is the result of A LOT of attempted repair. CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT IT WAS LIKE BEFORE?!?

Here’s Rob Lowe leaving Joel Silver’s Memorial Day party yesterday.