Hollywood premiere of Doctor Strange last night. The movie opens in the UK October 25 and in North America November 4 and some project that it could bring in as much as $75 million its first weekend. Full reviews are embargoed until Sunday but early reactions were mostly positive with critics impressed by the visual effects. Some are saying the story was a little clunky but that, overall, it’s a strong effort to begin the arc of the latest superhero to join the Marvel family and similar to the way Robert Downey Jr introduced Iron Man. A few even mentioned that Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange “could be Marvel’s answer to (RDJ) leaving the series”.

Last week when an unprompted RDJ found a creative way to Benedict and Doctor Strange I noted that he’s been Marvel’s best spokesperson. Best paid and best value. He always shows up. And he showed up last night, the only Avenger but the most well-suited one, in attitude and influence, if not in actual attire. I am trying, so hard, to be down with whatever it is that he’s wearing but it’s Friday, and I’m done.

What do you think the dynamics are here? He is the leader, both fictionally and in real life. Iron Man was first. And the success of Iron Man was critical to the success of the others who followed. To have his presence, to have him by his side, for Benedict Cumberbatch, is that like a blessing? Is it like the Godfather coming to your wedding? If so, how do you show the gratitude?

It was also confirmed last night that Benedict and his wife Sophie Hunter are expecting their second child. They already have a son, Christopher.