See the corny sh-t I did there?

Mark Zuckerberg has been building an AI for his home. Kinda like Tony Stark has a Jarvis. Or had a Jarvis. I have very mixed feelings about AI. I mean, sure, what happens when they get real and turn on you one day? Or, worse yet, break up with you for your best friend? But, sh-t, think of the convenience. Like when you’re working and you don’t want to get up from your thoughts but you’re hungry, the AI can put your leftovers in the microwave and lunch happens without you having to get up. Do you know much time is wasted in the everyday getting and warming of lunch?

Anyway, Mark posted on Facebook yesterday asking his followers who should voice his AI. And look who responded:

Robert Downey Jr offered. Kind of. But what he was really doing was promoting both Paul Bettany, as the voice of Tony Stark’s Jarvis, and, mostly, Benedict Cumberbatch whose Doctor Strange is coming out in a couple of weeks. Doctor Strange is Marvel’s current major focus. To my knowledge, RDJ and Iron Man are not in Doctor Strange, although I don’t have nerd beat programmed on my Google alerts so don’t quote me on that but the point is, RDJ is on it. For a decade now RDJ has been Marvel’s best spokesperson. And best paid (on camera) person. Is he getting a cut of Strange too?


Attached - RDJ with wife Susan at Hollywood's Night Under The Stars earlier this month.