SO young. Doesn’t he look young? With his hair rakishly long, even though there’s salt and pepper in his beard, it’s the most youthful RDJ we’ve seen in years. To me, anyway. And he’s hot. And so f-cking charming. And other than Johnny Depp, who’s as cool as Robert Downey Jr? Imagine them together in a movie? It could be a Michael Bay movie, I don’t give a sh-t, I still would. And, um, you might consider this blasphemy but the way he is in The Tourist trailer, looking all weird and bloated like that, I dare suggest Depp right now is actually not as hot as RDJ – temporarily! – in the face. Oh I know. Those are fighting words.

This of course is RDJ last night at the Due Date premiere in LA. Co-star Zach Galifianakis showed up with a jaunty little beret and a blonde in a white dress. Interesting the dynamic here because they do get on well, there’s nothing to suggest otherwise, and Due Date of course is a Todd Phillips movie and the next Todd Phillips movie will be The Hangover 2 and Zach was apparently instrumental in getting Mel Gibson cut from the sequel, but RDJ owes Mel Gibson, for hiring him in The Singing Detective back when no one else would, and so RDJ probably would not have been on that “fire Mel” bandwagon if he’d been consulted, and I wonder, well, when you spend hours with someone promoting a project, does that come up?

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