Many of us love RDJ. RDJ is magic. RDJ is the best, always, at everything.  In a time when past movie icons have failed us—I’m looking at you, Johnny Depp—RDJ has remained. He’s the last Forever Love standing, the one who doesn’t embarrass us, make us cringe, apologize or regret. No, with RDJ, it’s only gotten better.

But now he’s on Twitter. And if we’ve learned anything from Tom Hiddleston,  it’s that Twitter is where celebrity crushes go to die, often swiftly and violently, like guests at a Westeros wedding. My message to Lainey this morning upon discovering that RDJ joined Twitter three days ago: I don’t know if I love or fear this.

On the one hand, he’s RDJ and he’s never given us cause to doubt. Of course he’ll be excellent at Twitter! Look at his bio line—You know who I am. See? He gets it! On the other hand, so many celebrities are terrible at Twitter. Either they’re embarrassing or they’re boring (the vast majority of them) or they get into face-palm-inducing fights with peons that they shouldn’t even acknowledge exist. To date, the only celebrities on Twitter who haven’t made my eye twitch are Anna Kendrick and Patton Oswalt.

Three days in, RDJ isn’t tweeting much, and he’s already plugging his new movie with Jon Favreau, Chef. So maybe he’ll be one of those celebrity Tweeters who pretty much uses it as a promotional platform, which would be boring but better!!! Than!!! Constant!!! Exclamation!!! Points!!! And he’s been on Facebook for a year now and isn’t terrible at Facebook. But the social media math is this:

Facebook : Twitter :: Mom’s mini-van : Ferrari

Maybe it’s the remnant stand-up in me that expects people on Twitter to be witty—FAST and witty. RDJ is a quick-witted guy; it’s a huge part of his charm. Also, he is at heart a comedian. (Remember when he was on SNL for one year in the 1980s? That was my first exposure to RDJ!) So this should work. RDJ on Twitter will be a good thing, this will not ruin RDJ for us.

Check out RDJ’s Twitter here, but. Caveat emptor.