Ben Kingsley’s the Mandarin is apparently the villain in the upcoming, highly anticipated Iron Man 3. And here’s Iron Man wearing a mandarin style jacket while promoting the film in Beijing this weekend at the Ancestral Imperial Temple. It’s apparently the first time a Hollywood movie has been promoted there. And the first time a westerner has been allowed to celebrate his birthday on the throne. These are some amazing pictures, non?

It was announced last week that China’s getting a special edition of Iron Man 3 with bonus footage featuring Chinese actors, tailored specifically for the Chinese audience, presumably because China kicked in some cash money for the production, which, of course, is why they’re making such a big ass deal of it over there. China is now the “second largest consumer of films in the world, behind only the United States. But while America's Box Office totals have increased by 12% over the last five years, China's Box Office totals have increased by a whopping than 400%”. (Source)

This is why I asked Sarah from Cinesnark on Twitter last week if Pepper Potts will end up being Chinese. Hollywood is obviously kissing a LOT of Chinese ass. Especially when that ass is holding on to so many loans. What human rights violations!?!

PS. You see that dude there with RDJ in the cape? His name is Huang Xiao Ming. They call him China’s “Number One Heartthrob”.