I thought about titling this post “RDJ: the backlash?” but I’m not sure if this qualifies as a full-on backlash. I mean, it’s been a week, not even. And if you compare how RDJ’s been treated, compared to say, Anne Hathaway, it’s hardly a f-cking backlash.

There is, however, a change in tone in coverage. Page Six reported today that RDJ took friends and family, including his dad, out for lunch in New York the other day. Apparently the security surrounding his party was over the top.

Witnesses tell us the “Iron Man” star took his father and other family members to lunch. “The security operation to get him and his entourage to the restaurant was insane,” described a source, who said Downey sent two SUVs to pick up family members. Meanwhile, two bodyguards loaded Downey into an SUV at his hotel.

“You would’ve thought it was the president,” snipped our source. “His security blocked cars coming into the garage until Downey was in his car.”

The guards also stood watch in the restaurant throughout the three-hour meal. Despite the ring of steel, Downey did sign autographs on the way out.

I’ve seen George Clooney operate like this too. And Brange. Depp as well. The ones who move around like stealth have sophisticated security operations. Their bodyguards are part of the family. Which is why RDJ’s rep issued this statement to Page Six: 

“Robert had brunch on Sunday at his father’s favorite restaurant, ABC Kitchen. Security was invited to attend as guests, along with other family members and friends.”

And why hasn’t Clooney – who’s been in New York – been called out for his security? (His head of security is a pretty friendly, chill guy.) What’s the difference? Well, RDJ was a dick that week. Sometimes that’s all you need to try to incite a backlash.

Will it work?

Not this time. Not when he goes on The Tonight Show and becomes an “emotional chameleon”. I mean, I know he behaved like a total sh-t last week, and still I find him irresistible in these four minutes.