A smiling Robert Pattinson was photographed in Toronto yesterday just as news broke that production on Idol’s Eye, his new film (with Robert De Niro, scheduled to start shooting this month), had been shut down because they couldn’t get the funding together. Pattinson will be fine. But it’ll suck for those below the line. They’re the ones who are counting on the work to make their payments, to support their families.

Here he is hanging out with friends, in good spirits. Perhaps it was a surprise for him too. On the weekend he was papped spending time with girlfriend FKA twigs, hand in hand, introducing her to the city. Toronto is not unfamiliar to him. It would have been his third (or fourth?) time working in town.

Is he one of those guys who changes style with every girl he dates? What’s up with this shirt? He looks like a Beatle.