Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez showed up to support Katy Perry last night at the premiere of her tour documentary Part Of Me which, I’m sorry for disappointing you, I really, really want to see. Because I will watch any “behind-the-scenes” tour movie. From Truth Or Dare to Never Say Never, I’ve almost watched them all. Also, Never Say Never was really good, OK? For real.

After the event, Perry partied with Bieber and his gf, rolling around in his party bus. Robert Pattinson, part of the Perry entourage last night, also hopped on for a ride. The party bus is a Mercedes-Benz Splinter made special for Bieber by West Coast Customs. GQ profiled Bieber a couple of months ago and the reporter happened to be interviewing him just as the Bieber party bus was delivered. The entire article was great. But the description of what happened when the party bus arrived was particularly amazing. Here’s the excerpt: 

A bit later, someone alerts Bieber that West Coast Customs has arrived with his new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van. So now he's running out to the parking lot to give it a once-over. It took West Coast six weeks to trick out the van, and WCC founder Ryan Friedlinghaus is here to hand-deliver the keys.

The Sprinter is exactly the car that an 18-year-old with too much money would drive. The interior is lined with Alcantara. There are two reclining seats way in back, with bucket seats lining the driver's side of the main cabin, as in a stretch limo. There are three hi-def TVs, a computer dock, and a fully operational recording studio along the passenger side. All that's missing is a button that spews out an oil slick, Spy Hunter–style, to foil paparazzi. Bieber's pals try to guess how much it costs. "Definitely not a million," says someone. One of Bieber's business advisers, a woman named Allison Kaye, isn't wild about the new toy. "Oh, this just screams inconspicuous," she says to Bieber. No response.

Everyone gathers around as Bieber tours the van. He is euphoric. So much so that he has decided to pledge his loyalty to West Coast Customs forever and to decry its rival, Platinum Motorsport. "F-ck Platinum," he says. "Platinum can suck a dick, man. West Coast all day." This is a different Bieber from the one who was imprisoned with me just five minutes ago. This must be the Bieber that Bieber would like to be all the time. His R-rated rant, though, draws a reprimand from Friedlinghaus. "I respect everyone's business—it's all love, dog," he tells Bieber. "Dudes came from my neighborhood, you know what I mean?" Bieber is chastened. "I respect that," he says. To atone, he invites Friedlinghaus and the entire West Coast Crew into his recording bungalow to listen to the new songs. "I'm 18 years old and I'm a swaggy adult!" he yells. "Come on, swaggy bros!" (Click here for the full GQ piece. It’s worth it if you have the time.)


Is Robert Pattinson a “swaggy bro” now?

This is why I always say I wish the English ones would stay in England. Live in England. Come to LA to work but home should always be London. If I were from London? There is NO WAY I’d live in Los Angeles. Many of the British actors prefer London. London is...the essence. In London, even the princes take taxis after a long night out. But this is what you get in Los Angeles - 18 year old boys and million dollar party buses. Of course, Pattinson is probably more tied to LA because of his girlfriend Kristen Stewart, and it’s also where her family is based. And we all know how it is when your friends want to do something and you get stuck doing the same because you don’t want to be the asshole who bails. I’m just saying the LA party bus is part of the LA lifestyle. And, perhaps, everything that comes along with it. There are a few of them who’ve managed to avoid that sh-t. Stewart normally avoids that sh-t. Can you picture her on the Bieber party bus?