This will be Robin Thicke’s first Halloween not married to Paula Patton. According to TMZ, he celebrated with generosity. Apparently he hit up a costume store the other day with 4 women:

“Thicke hit up Trashy Lingerie -- a supplier of celebrity undies -- and we're told he dropped $2,800 on his harem of hotties ... buying them skimpy greek bras and skirts for Halloween.”

Yeah. That sounds about right.

You remember that article I posted the other day about the word “douchebag”? Click here for a refresher. Robin Thicke is on my list. None of you seemed to dispute that. Duana and I had an interesting back and forth however about who else should be there. She initially suggested Kanye West.

See, I don’t think Kanye West is a douchebag.

I think he’s a sanctimonious prick, yes.

I think he can be an asshole, yes.

But douchebag?

There is sexual subtext in “douchebag”. Like, sure, Kanye West is prone to outbursts and yelling and generally behaving like a fool, but am I worried if I’m in a room alone with him that his hand will suddenly be gripping my tit?

No. Kanye is a bratty sh-t…but he’s not a skeeze.

Can I picture that happening with Robin Thicke? Yes.

Which makes him a douchebag. Get the difference?