One of the things about all the people we write about is that they mostly exist in a bubble. Like, Oprah knows them all, but largely speaking you don’t have a lot of Viola Davis and Keira Knightley making a buddy comedy together. They don’t run into each other professionally, and just because they’re in the same movies doesn’t really mean they’re in the same room. Look at Robin Wright. Look at her energy in that black skirt. Are there not women she could run roughshod over, and wouldn’t you want to watch? All that weird stuff with Ben Foster, with whom she’s apparently back together? All the shots we didn’t see and still we got to witness an entire dark relationship drama play out between them ?

So, even though these women who both seem a bit offbeat and whose dress choices amused me are credited on the same show, I feel like we never saw the potential of them. Once I have some sleep then, I’m writing them a black comedy about hiding a body together. Word?