Not even 10 years ago, the Beckhams were blamed, in part, for lowering the prestige of the Burberry brand -- they were associated with the “chav”-ness of the label and, rumour has it, for a while there, Mrs Beckham in particular, was banned from wearing it. Click here for a good article assessing the Burberry dilemma.

Since then, Victoria’s taken out her concrete tits, and she’s a proper designer now -- her makeover is complete (ish), and so is Burberry’s; in less than a decade, guided by creative director Christopher Bailey, Burberry isn’t low classy anymore. In fact, Burberry is prime again. And Burberry and the Beckhams have not only made up, they’re totally in love.

There were signs...

H7 has been dressed in a lot of Burberry lately. The Beckham boys were all tricked out in Burberry suits last week at the Viva Forever premiere. And now this...

Romeo Beckham for Burberry...

A proper ad. A big ass deal ad for the Spring 2013 campaign. He’s 10. And he was shot by Mario Testino. He is his mother’s son.

Sh-t, Romeo Beckham’s going to get a US Vogue cover before Posh does. Can you imagine?

Is it offside for me to say that the way they’ve positioned him, his head looks really weird? Or am I not supposed to because of his age? Fine, but if that’s the case, why is he fronting an INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL? As every mother of a son seethes with jealousy. Come on, a little, non? Or at least that’s what she’s hoping for.

So Brooklyn will be the athlete, Romeo the model/actor/sometime musician, Cruz the free spirit, and H7 the princess, perhaps one day a possible candidate to marry a Cambridge?

The Beckhams are giving us our gossip future.

Click here for more of Romeo Beckham for Burberry.