People who make movies can do amazing things. This was the scene in Stockholm, Sweden on Friday where David Fincher was back on location shooting The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo For America. They had to spray the streets with…whatever it is they use…to make it look like snow. To me it looks like snow. Imagine the cost and the detail involved with that?

Anyway, Daniel Craig was around looking trim in his well cut jeans and now I can’t remember if Mikael Blomkvist was super steezy. Also, of course, Rooney Mara in full costume as Lisbeth Salander. Looks pretty good.

We are 7 months away now from the full unveil. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo For America hits theatres December 21, expected to be a holiday season blockbuster and, potentially, contend for some awards. Would love to see a trailer soon but if I were them, on a marketing level, I’d hold off until at least after Labour Day. Too early now.

Lately I’ve been wondering about the soundtrack. Know nothing about it, but for some reason, am really really looking forward to it.

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