In the November issue of Vogue.

It’s Rooney Mara AND her creator David Fincher. Yes. I said creator. Read the article and see if you don’t feel the same way afterwards. One of the BEST Vogue celebrity profiles in a LONG, LONG time. So much better than the generic and safe Sarah Jessica Parker/Jennifer Garner/Jessica Biel pieces we get all the f-cking time in fashion magazines that don’t offer anything insightful, provocative, or, more appropriately, because it is a FASHION magazine after all, stylish.

We are approaching the release of the Fincher version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. This is Hollywood. By the end of their marketing strategy then, their goal is to make you forget about every other Lisbeth Salander you ever knew. Rooney Mara IS Lisbeth Salander. Because David Fincher commands?

Oh but it’s a fascinating relationship. In Daniel Craig’s words: “It’s f-cking weird!”

Hit me up after you read about how she looks at him. How she can’t camouflage, even in front of a journalist, her devotion to him, her consuming need for his approval. About everything. Even what she eats. The food control! He’s her food boss! He is comfortably her food boss, in front of someone who’s stated purpose in their presence is to be an observer and report back, there’s no denying he’s her food boss. Her everything boss.

Counter-thinking? Let’s behave like this on purpose to start a conversation? Like a distorted version of Blomkvist and Salander? It’s not like David Fincher is a stranger to a mind game. Sure. And if that was the intention, well, they did it really well. Because we’re supposed to see it through the writer. And the writer totally bought it.

Something about Fincher’s filmmaker’s approach though... I think this is legit. I think he’s control and order and with an actress of Rooney’s... inexperience, shall we say, this is exactly how he’s playing it.  It is a 3 movie franchise, right? You could do worse for a mentor, I guess. It’s creepy and fascinating to me at the same time. Adds yet another dimension to the anticipation for this movie. Brilliant, non?

Anyway, I need to stop writing so that you can go off and read it. I promise. It’s a must. Including the part where Fincher explains why he didn’t cast Scarlett Johansson who supposedly threw down an amazing audition but... well... find out for yourself why she didn’t get the part.

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to read the piece and see more photos. Of course Anna Wintour chose the least interesting shot to turn into the cover.