Rosario Dawson and Michael Fassbender were spotted together in his neighbourhood in London a couple of times this weekend. (Thanks MK!) No confirmation as to whether or not it was more than just a meeting. Or two meetings. And no body language indications either.

Still, the prospect is intriguing. On a purely physical level, their combination would be hot. And it might be interesting politically too. Because Dawson stars in the upcoming Trance, directed by Danny Boyle, opening this weekend. And Fassbender was initially in talks to play the part that eventually went to Vincent Cassel but had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts. Boyle and Dawson just ended their relationship. If Boyle and Fassbender intend to work together eventually, does a potential Dawson-Fassbender hookup screw that up?

I saw Trance at the junket a couple of weeks ago but comments have been embargoed until later so as to not spoil the plot. What I can say now is how much I love her. She’s spectacular. She is genuine. She is really, really fun. And she ran down onto the street in her tight dress and 4 inch heels because the LA marathon was happening that day and her friend was passing by the hotel on the race route. You can imagine how refreshing that was to see -- a celebrity being excited about and caring for someone other than themselves. If she and Michael Fassbender are really dealing with each other then, he’s the one who’s winning there.

My interview with Dawson, and James McAvoy, during which we discuss his cupping, and what I called the film’s “bum equality”, airs this week on etalk.