"Your girl Rose Byrne is a mess."

That's the text I received from Lainey earlier tonight, during the early stages of the MET Gala red carpet. I was incredulous. How could one of my favourites, whose sartorial choices are almost as flawless as her resume -- and my pick for best dressed from last year's MET Gala -- disappoint with her fashion game? But alas, nobody is immune to a style misstep.

Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale at the 2015 MET Gala:

And in 2016:

This dress breaks my heart. Champagne, ruffles in all the wrong places... it's custom Ralph Lauren, sure, but below the waist, this gown is anything but flattering. I blame the colour and the fabric. Rose just had a baby about three months ago, and yes, she looks amazing, but the way this dress pulls and hangs at each seam would look terrible on any body type, even a size double zero.

Her asymmetric hair part, dark eyes, on-trend choker, bold red lip and overall styling nearly help save the look, but the dress just does not work. It does not even fit the MET theme! Rose is a knockout, and she deserves better.

The MET is all about making an entrance - be it avant-garde or on-trend - but who wants to be forgettable? Or worse... who wants to wear a dress that looks this... sad? And let's be real, Rose's career is anything but forgettable.

Her performance in Bridesmaids is still the best part of the movie, she was able to outwit Glenn Close in Damages, and she's about to reprise her scene-stealing role in Neighbours 2: Sorority Rising. Plus, she's currently promoting her latest indie, The Meddler, which currently has an 86% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I saw it at TIFF and loved it - click here for a refresher. Oh yeah, and there's that X-Men: Apocalypse movie on the way later this month. So, that will make it three movies in May - Rose will be an inescapable box office queen.

She's down-to-earth and low maintenance, too. A recent New York Magazine profile of Rose opens with an anecdote about her return to her neighbourhood YMCA to work out after taking six weeks off to tend to her newborn son, Rocco. My friends in New York have also spotted her in the city, often post-workout, with wet hair and no makeup.

But as we've seen, she knows how to up the glam when she needs to. Lainey praised this baller culotte look about four weeks ago. Hopefully she'll get her style groove back at one of her many upcoming red carpets? Because it's a real shame she struck out with this major fashion (and exposure) opportunity.