Rose Leslie and Kit Harington arrived at LAX together last night, presumably en route to San Diego for Comic-Con where, as Sarah noted the other day, the Game Of Thrones panel will be one of the major highlights. It’s scheduled to happen tomorrow at 1:40pm.

Usually these trips are paid for by the network. It’s like how your work might cover a flight for business. Since they’re both based in England, it’s understandable that they’d be flying together. But maybe they’re also flying together because they’re back together?

I feel like they’re together a lot.

They were together at this party. And about a month ago, they were together on a plane…and asked to change seats to sit together, and were supposedly holding hands. Click here to see.

Do I have permission to believe they’re together?

Do I have permission to hunt down her drawstring pants with the perfectly cuffed leg?