Not my Rumey’s best face forward. Definitely not. But check how my girl is balancing her bad angles out with some titty shots. She’s learning…am so proud.

Exploiting one asset that doesn’t suck to offset other assets that do suck is a critical Hollywood move. Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton for example camouflages her disease by readily putting her mouth around anyone’s c*ck.

In the same vein, Rumer Willis is learning that quirky looks with a pair of bra-less breasts can be smut-worthy. And her father’s ex girlfriend is reaping the benefits. This is Brook something. You don’t need to know her last name. Only that she used to Date Bruce Willis. At the time she was 25 and he was much older. And now no one gives a sh*t. Until she showed up on a carpet with Rumey.

My Rumey wielding influence. Is amazing.

Photos from Wenn