Russell Brand has a new documentary coming out called BRAND: A Second Coming. The trailer is below. And everyone’s talking about how he talks about his failed marriage to Katy Perry, specifically about their lifestyle and how intolerable it was to maintain a relationship under the duress of fame and fortune.

Check out the trailer below and we’ll resume when you’re done:

In addition to those comments, Russell supposedly also sh-ts on Katy for her accent and decides after going to Africa that being with her was “not a resolution to anything spiritual” which is when he broke up with her.

“Fame and power and money is bullsh-t.” Is it? But how else do you get to have a documentary made about you without dying?

As you know, Katy Perry is not my favourite. At the same time, Russell’s complaint about how unfulfilling it was to be with her and that while he was with her he was “living this life of the very thing I detest”, well… I mean… is that on her or is it on him? Katy Perry has never represented herself as anything other than Katy Perry. If he’s such a f-cking genius, why is it that he couldn’t see that?

This is just a trailer. So, maybe, when we see the complete version of the film, we’ll find out that Russell confronts his own responsibility in why he and Katy couldn’t work. Just because he might have a bigger vocabulary doesn’t mean he was definitely the better person. If honesty is what bonds love, was it Katy who was dishonest or was it his motivations to begin with? Is it really that she misled him or did he mislead himself? 

Here’s Katy at the Madonna show last night in LA. Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, and Salma Hayek were also in the VIP section during the concert.