Our live red carpet show, etalk at the Oscars, doesn’t start until 3pm PT/6pm ET. So we were really happy that this year, the stars decided to show up early instead rushing through the last hour. Ruth Negga came early. She showed up just after 230pm PT, graciously talked to most media outlets, and worked the entire carpet. Wouldn’t you? How hard is it to be nominated for an Oscar? Ask Annette Bening and Amy Adams – and they’re white! Ruth Negga doesn’t know when she’s coming back, if ever. So if it’s your first time, in an industry that has a diversity problem, you know it could be your only time. And so you make the most of that time. And you make the most of your dress.

Her dress was the first one I saw. And it’s the only one I really want to remember. Like all night I kept coming back to it. Doesn’t happen often with a dress red. Red dresses are not my favourite. And lace dresses are not my favourite either! But this red dress, my GOD, this red dress. It’s unforgettable.

It’s the high collar. It’s the slight lift at the shoulders. It’s the long sleeve. It’s the red jewelled headpiece. It’s Elizabethan. Totally Elizabethan. And you know why that’s extra amazing? Because, usually, the people you see in Elizabethan looks, picture them …do you see her? The English rose? Keira Knightley. Carey Mulligan. Emma Watson. Like they stepped out of a painting at the Portrait Gallery. It’s never black women in those portraits. It’s never black women going Elizabethan. This black woman though, Ruth Negga, is asking the question why not. WHY NOT?

I was expecting Ruth to be my Best Dressed at the Oscars. But I was also expecting her to be my Best Dressed in full edge and modern. Ruth Negga is the Best Dressed. But she surprised us again with her style choice – instead of pushing fashion forward, she’s reclaiming it from the past. There’s no celebrity more exciting than she is on the red carpet right now. 

And Dominic Cooper was with her last night. He kept a low profile during the show but they went to Vanity Fair together and posed for photos.