I cursed Shannon for sending me this video of Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams at Sundance being interviewed for Blue Valentine. You’ll know why as soon as you hit play, the way he focuses on what she says, the way he can’t take his eyes off her, how he follows her eyes with his eyes from the side, and then he touches her...but I won’t spoil for you how he does it.



High school pain.

Before you get ahead of yourselves however, I don’t think this is much more than what you see. That’s simply his intensity. Wishful thinking, yes. But right now there is nothing. Going forward, sure, there could be something. It would great. But our fantasy projections are often wayward.


Has it been a rough day? For me it’s been a long day. Now watch and pretend it’s you.

File photo from Saleem Elatab-AhmadElatab/Splashnewsonline.com