A red band trailer for Nicolas Winding Refn’s new film, his second in a row with Ryan Gosling, was released online yesterday. As you know, their first collaboration was Drive. Ryan Gosling didn’t talk much in Drive. If this trailer is any indication, he speaks even less in Only God Forgives. Sarah from Cinesnark wrote to me earlier asking what I thought of it. I told her that I love it. But at the same time, I feel like this might be the last time I can handle him in this kind of role. Like he’s personifying a Confucius quote: the man who acts is more than the man who talks. Well, not exactly, but you know what I mean.

Still, for now, it is undeniably hot. The way he wears that suit. The way he moves pre-combat at the end, half-dancing, half stalking...

Someone needs to turn that into a GIF if they haven’t already.

What I love most about this preview though is Kristin Scott Thomas as we’ve never seen her before -- Ebola Paris Hilton in 20 years. What’s that all about? I don’t know. But the point is, I now want to. And the music. This is well chosen trailer music. This is a lullaby deliberately laid over brutality, exactly the right tone. Refn does a great job with song selection in his films. You remember how you felt in Drive when A Real Hero came on? Similar application here. It’s very effective.

They’re saying Only God Forgives is going to Cannes, where they love Refn and Gosling. It’s amazing how Hollywood works sometimes. Channing Tatum’s win streak was featured in the previous article to this one. Channing Tatum makes the fangirls hard. Ryan Gosling makes the fangirls hard. But the fangirls don’t see Ryan Gosling movies. They just watch The Notebook over and over again.

Would it make a difference to know that Gosling supposedly speaks in an English accent in Only God Forgives? That’s what Entertainment Weekly says. A Canadian boy with a Brooklyn accent playing Julian with a British accent...?

It doesn’t sound like it when he says “wanna fight”. But that’s probably not enough to go on.