I was at the airport when the Crazy, Stupid, Love trailer dropped yesterday. I watched it in the lounge, then got on the plane, and by the time I landed in Toronto 5 hours later, my inbox was full of your horny panting emails. And he lit up everywhere on the internet too as every blog and entertainment news site tried, and in some cases failed, to avoid the headline: Ryan Gosling is crazy, stupid, hot.

It’s a rather unimaginative title. But that doesn’t mean it’s not true. So f-cking true. Too f-cking true.

This was a problem for me the first time I saw The Notebook. My friend Justine wanted to go. She loves crying at movies. And 15 minutes into it, he gave me a serious, serious Summer Crush. For months afterwards, I felt actual physical pain over it. Ryan Gosling and I were the stars of several screenplays in my mind. All of them involving us, like, being really great at loving each other.

These things usually pass for me. In his case though, not so much because I’m fickle, but because he isn’t around that often and I, well, I’m a child who needs constant stimulation. But it’s not like I’ve ever turned on him like James Franco. No. Never. Ryan Gosling is never far from the top.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I’ve watched this trailer twice now, and if I watch it again, all that I’ve just described, it might come all the way back. You know what I always say when it comes to him: it’s too much, it’s TOO MUCH. And this…

This is too good.

The trailer is too good. The trailer is very well cut. The trailer is funny. And it’s cute. And, well, Ryan steals it. Not only because he takes his shirt off – though that has a lot to do with it – but also because Steve Carell is so gracious. Last March, I was the first to report exclusively that Ryan had signed on to this film. There were other people who were contending for it. Carell chose Ryan. And I’m told he knew that this was the part that would get not only the hormonal attention, but also some of the funniest bits too, and he thought that Gosling could deliver.

If the trailer is any indication, Ryan Gosling delivers. And it’s a great change-up for his career. Finally. Ryan Gosling in a comedy. Ryan Gosling is not a weirdo/racist/freak/murderer/possessive husband. Ryan Gosling plays a player which, errr, might actually be closer to home than you know.

I don’t love his accent. Come on with the fake accent. But it becomes less annoying as the clips go on. Maybe because, um, of the way he talks about Emma Stone. And looks at her. And bends over her on the bed. And kisses her. And wears his sunglasses. And cockily dresses Carell like Tom Ford only straight and not as bitchy.

It’s a great, great, great career move.

Because you already know that Ryan Gosling can act. You already know he can be serious. But now he can make you laugh too. In a supporting stealing role. That appeals to BOTH women and men. Which is what he’s throwing down right now. Jacek, beside me on the plane yesterday, watched Blue Valentine. My husband isn’t exactly the sensitive type. He has strong opinions about the “actors” he will support. Ryan Gosling long ago earned his Dude Stamp. A comedy opposite Carell and holding his own too will only add to that. Throw that on top of a political drama with George Clooney and, well, if Crazy, Stupid, Love hits big at the box office, Ryan Gosling just might be rivaling Ryan Reynolds for that rare versality title. What can’t he do?

Jesus Christ, can I stop gushing?

Fine, I’m attaching the trailer now. My friend Emily wrote to me squealing about it last night. I responded: how are you still a lesbian after watching him? And her answer: “Right??? Admittedly, I'm not quite as gay after seeing it. But Emma Stone helps to balance things out.”