While I was posting yesterday about Ryan Gosling and whether or not he and Emma Stone will sing at the Oscars, everyone else was talking about his wax figure at Madame Tussaud’s. Here’s what Ryan’s wax figure at Madame Tussaud’s in London looks like:

Not bad.

But this week, Madame Tussaud’s in Berlin presented their version:

As many have pointed out, it’s him…and also not him. Is it the detachment? It’s a wax figure. It’s not like it’s ever going to be warm. Maybe it’s us. Maybe this is what he actually looks like and we’re just too fixated on seeing Ryan Gosling in our memories, the way he looked in The Notebook, not unlike how people cling to what Leonardo DiCaprio looked like in Titanic. Maybe Ryan Gosling is closer to the Dread Pirate Roberts than we’re willing to admit.

Here’s the real Ryan Gosling in Tokyo today continuing to promote La La Land overseas with Damian Chazelle. You’ll recall, it was Emma Stone who took on most of the promotional travel last year through Europe. It’s his turn now – and his appeal in Asia would be higher than hers, with a much less aggressive press corps.