Ryan Gosling hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend. It’s still on the PVR, I’ve only watched the opening monologue so far and it was a bit about why he sounds like he’s from New York when he’s Canadian (a response perhaps to being called out by people in the industry, including Josh Brolin) that turned into an all-Canadian Christmas celebration so I can’t complain. Beyond that though, I’m not sure how the show was. I’ve only heard that he giggled a lot through his sketches.

He did however hit up the after-party with Eva Mendes and Justin Timberlake for a Mickey Mouse Club reunion. And JT never turns down an opportunity to make the conversation about him. So was it about the giggling? “Oh yeah, Ryan, I couldn’t stop laughing my first time either. But it gets better the more you do it. You do know I’ve hosted like 6 times, right?”

Or, “Isn’t Lorne Michaels so great? Did he say this to you? No? Oh, maybe that was just me. You do know I’ve hosted like 6 times, right?

Get ready for JT “comeback” in 2016. If there’s a way he could start a rumour about himself getting f-cked by a fake bear in a movie, he would.

PS. Another Ryan Gosling post is coming right up after this. Because Sarah’s all over him in The Nice Guys. So, even if he didn’t impress you on SNL (I’ve heard from a few of you that you got the fontrum), Ryan seems to be heading in the right comedic direction.