Ryan Phillippe is an all star. Let’s not forget his legendary philandering in cities across North America - at one point in Vancouver he was bedding three waitresses from the Cactus Club in Yaletown at the same time. With cheesy poetry via text message, Ryan scored dimwit after dimwit without consequence until his libido got the best of him and he hooked up with actress Abbie Cornish on the set of their movie. She was dumb enough to find his carb face attractive and ended up getting caught. They cooled it off for several months but have apparently now picked it up again, seen around Hollywood laughing and cavorting.

And Reese has moved on too. As you know, Reese and Jakey are currently switched ON, conveniently just ahead of the TIFF premiere of Rendition in 3 weeks. They are both expected to be in Toronto.

Word is however Ryan doesn’t approve of Jakey’s presence:
“He didn’t want ‘that guy’ around their kids and then made some crude Brokeback Mountain remark.”

Damn. Carb Face is all class, non?

Then again, personally and professionally, it must be a bitch knowing your wife made an upgrade. That she moved on to someone who gets better scripts, who has been nominated for an Oscar, and worse yet…someone who is taller.

Makes sense I guess. If I were Ryan I would sulk too.