Deadpool opens on Friday. So does Zoolander 2. Promotion has been heavy on both movies. Ryan Reynolds, in particular, has been hustling like we’ve never seen him hustle. And without being gross about it. He’s doing his job and he looks like he’s having a great time doing his job. All of that was on display during his appearances last night on The Tonight Show and this morning on The Today Show.

PEOPLE has named Ryan The Sexiest Dad Alive.

It’s… um… a stupid title. Seriously. Which is why he doesn’t take it seriously. But you’ll note, he certainly doesn’t mind talking about baby James and changing diapers. A lot. I mean, what does Deadpool have to do with being a dad, you know? This is the game though. And he’s playing it, playing it beautifully. Giving the geeks what they want, giving the MiniVan Majority what they want, and giving the gossips what we want.

Gossip Nostalgia?

While he and Matt Lauer were talking this morning about super hero skills, Ryan mentioned that he’d want his to be 80s music and videos. Then he started singing. If you don’t want to watch the entire video, fast forward to 1:45 and you’ll note, there’s one song in particular that should be stroking your gossip spot:



Do I care about this more than you because I’m Canadian? They were all over each other … a LOT.




And that was only 11 years ago!