Check out Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones at the premiere of The Theory Of Everything in London last night, an early celebration for their double SAG nominations this morning. Triple, actually, because the film was also nominated for Best Ensemble. Have you seen it? SEE IT. I love this movie. It was my favourite at TIFF. And afterwards you’ll understand why they’re being recognised. Together they are extraordinary.

Joining Eddie and Felicity at the event were Stephen and Jane Hawking on whom the film is based. Both Eddie and Felicity told me in Toronto at the junket that Stephen’s a big flirt, a proper player. Like if you met him at this after-party it’s not impossible for him to have made a move. Come on, wouldn’t you want to be hit on by Stephen Hawking?

As you can see, Eddie was there with fiancée Hannah Bagshawe. Felicity…

Is rumoured to be dating Ben Barnes. Remember Ben Barnes? Ben Barnes was supposed to be a thing, right?