Sacha Baron Cohen’s new movie, Grimsby—unnecessarily retitled The Brothers Grimsby in the US—opens in the UK this weekend, a couple weeks before it opens here in North America. So there was a premiere in London and, as he is wont to do, SBC showed up in character as “Nobby Grimsby”, a working-class Brit who stumbles into the spy life while trying to find his long-lost brother. The trailer is solid, but the reviews coming out of England are mixed. SBC has struggled to match the brilliance and popularity of Borat, and it sounds like whether or not you like Grimsby depends on your tolerance for SBC’s elaborate character schtick. I’m a pretty big fan—I have a huge soft spot for Ali G—but your mileage may vary.

The thing that amazes me most about Sacha Baron Cohen is that Isla Fisher is still with him. Isla Fisher must be f*cking RAD. She not only goes out in public with him while he’s red-carpet stunting, she also does a good job of projecting that it doesn’t bother her at all that he can go to black tie events dressed in a bathrobe and underoos while she’s dressed to the nines. If I could go to dinner with any two celebrity significant others, it would be Isla Fisher, because she seems chill as f*ck, and Leslie Bibb, because she’s with Sam Rockwell, so you know she’s got to be cool.

Check out the trailer for The Brothers/Grimsby here: