The Daily Mail posted an exclusive story today about Brad Pitt with exclusive photos of him at an art studio in LA where he’s been spending most of his days working on a sculpture. A “source” tells the Daily Mail that Brad works up to 15 hours a day on his art while “listening to emotional songs”. And the Daily Mail tells us that Brad’s “emotional songs” playlist includes Bon Iver and Waylon Jennings’s Just To Satisfy You….at which point, the article quotes the lyrics to the aforementioned track. And they are very sad lyrics indeed. Read the article yourself so that you can appreciate the full flow of the story. In my experience, stories this corny come straight from the team. And the purpose, in this case, the primary purpose is to tell you that Brad Pitt is the new Mr Lonely. There may, however, be another purpose, a much more subtler one when you consider the names that are checked in this article and how they’ve all been spending their time. Shouldn’t be hard to connect those dots.