Anne Hathaway is considered the favourite to win the Best Supporting Actress Oscar by most experts. But you know this is a tight season. The tightest it’s been in a long time. And, well, here comes  a formidable challenger...

Sally Field was at the Palm Springs Film Festival this weekend to accept the Career Achievement Award and she gave the most memorable speech of the night in front of an audience that included many, MANY Academy members living in the area who would be very happy to vote for her. She was thoughtful and funny and grateful, and she spoke fondly of her experiences, even the sh-tty ones, with all the class and grace of a true star veteran:

“I didn’t back into becoming an actor -- I was born one. I did a scene in a suit of armor, and dressed as a bear. I’ve done love scenes with a pelican. Yes, it’s true, I’ve done love scenes with a pelican. But I’ve also done love scenes with Paul Newman.... I’ve been weighed down with 150 pounds of period clothes. I’ve been fully clothed, semi-clothed and totally naked, and never once has it occurred to me to change my mind.”

I love the pragmatism. I love that the Sally Fields and the Dustin Hoffmans love what they do but aren’t precious about what they do. I love that they never behave as though they are better than what they happen to be doing, which is why they actually ARE better.

Are there similarities between Sally and Anne? One was Gidget and the other was a Princess. Both have been perceived at one time or another as obsequious people-pleasers (“You like me!”) and both have been more apologetic than aggressive about the criticisms they’ve received.

Could Annie be Sally in 30 years? If she’s smart, and works hard, and hits on some luck...maybe?

Right now though, it’s certainly competition.