You know, I know that red dresses are kind of frowned upon on this site from time to time. I know that the prevailing wisdom is that it’s impossible to do one well. 

To this I say you know what? We’re throwing out the rule book. Because Sally Field is fantastic, and she looks spectacular, and she’s doing that thing where the dress reminds you of the part without actually being a costume from the show, and I was delighted. It’s Valentino Couture. It was note perfect for her, and all the people who are like “oh, Hilary Swank wore it too”, need to know that I am not listening.

Because Sally Field probably gets to choose what she does with great precision, and we’re not necessarily going to see her at everything all the time, and when we do, we should take it as the gift that it is. I think she would have given a kick-ass speech, too, but we were denied that. You know who to blame on that one.