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I kept meaning to write about this during TIFF but it always ended up getting buried. So you know Salma Hayek’s husband Francois-Henri Pinault fathered a baby with Linda Evangelista and now she’s suing him for child support because she says he gives his other baby, with Salma, everything and her kid gets ...not as much? Click here for a full refresher. She’s asking for $46,000 a month. Before you start huffing about that amount, Salma’s daughter gets $50,000 towards a $12 million trust fund. So... you know.

Anyway, earlier this month Pinault spoke out about Evangelista’s claims that he doesn’t pay. He made the comments in the September issues of French Elle which...


Well, he runs a fashion empire so I guess that’s the best place to discuss, pretty much for the first time, your side of the story about whether or not you love your son.

Pinault tells the current French issue of Elle that he has "recognized" the boy since 2007 and that "at every possible opportunity he has participated in my family life whether in France or the United States."

"He is totally integrated within my family," says Pinault, adding that this relationship has extended to his sister Valentina, the child Pinault fathered with Hayek in 2007. (Source

In other words, Salma Hayek is his stepmother. It’s obviously none of my goddamn business but I would love to know what Salma Hayek is like as a stepmother, especially the stepmother of the son of the supermodel who slept with her husband while they were on a break.

Here’s Salma today in Poland with Antonio Banderas promoting Puss in Boots with a bum foot. She’s wearing flats with a bandage. And still looks awesome. More awesome in fact than if she were just wearing regular heels, now that I’ve seen the difference and know why.

As for Puss in Boots - I saw some early footage of it in Cannes and loved it so much. SO cute. And funny. I mean it was only 10 minutes but the whole time I was like, oh my god this is so good and fresh and original. Am attaching the trailer below. And also a new-ish teaser inspired by the Dos Equis ads. Clever, right?

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