At the premiere of The Proposal last night in LA.

See I love Sandra Bullock. I have loved her since Speed and way back when my dad bought me an illegal pay tv box in university, I watched While You Were Sleeping at least once a day for months because it kept looping on the movie channel. And it was never boring. Because she is endlessly irresistible.

Practical Magic was on on Sunday. Couldn’t help it, had to PVR before going out. Wasn’t the greatest movie but Sandra and Granny Freeze, they had great chemistry, non?

Sandy has great chemistry with almost everyone.

Wonder if she had to work extra hard for chemistry with Ryan Reynolds and his smug foundation face.

Here she is showing off her amazing legs. And that hair. Always such beautiful hair. And then there’s Ryan. Too good for a red carpet. Suffering through the red carpet. Like The Proposal is total art house indie flavour, right? The same way Deadpool will be?


Here’s another Ryan Reynolds Sucks story. If you recall, last week I wrote about his diva move while shooting Just Friends in Regina. This Ryan Reynolds Is A Douchebag account come from M in Austin:

A couple of years ago his film The Nines came out in limited release and Austin was one of the three cities that got it in the theaters. We have this amazing set of movie theaters here that often has celebrities, directors and writers out to promote their new projects and they had two screenings of The Nines with an intro and Q&A session for EACH showing with the writer/director of the film (John August) and Ryan Reynolds.

We got tickets for the later showing, figuring that the Q&A might be a little longer and we could get an autograph after. During the intro, August was engaging and funny, very proud of the film; very nice and apologetic about not being able to say much about the film since he thought you needed to see it before talking about it. He said they’d take questions after the movie was done to clear up any confusion. On the flip side, during the five minute intro, Ryan spoke for maybe about thirty seconds and only when the director asked him a question. He was slumped over in his chair, kind of waving his mic around, not really paying attention. And when he spoke, he mumbled so most of us were confused as to what he was saying. He sighed, he shifted back and forth, looked down at his feet, made no direct eye contact. It was really pretty apparent he didn’t care about being there.

After the movie a disgruntled manager of the theater came out and said the Q&A wouldn’t happen. She apologized for sounding unprofessional (she was angry) but told us apparently Ryan insisted he was “unaware” they would be doing intros and Q&A’s for both films (even though she stated he had agreed when they initially set it up) and decided he didn’t want to have to wait around for the second showing to end. John August had tried to talk him into staying but Ryan refused, saying he was bored and didn’t want to and then demanded his ride (which the theater had provided) so he could leave, throwing a fit when August initially wouldn’t come with him and finally talking August into leaving with him. She said Ryan was apparently incredibly rude about the situation and because of it, would never be welcomed back.

I’ve been to a lot of events this theater has done and this has never happened (and they deal with a TON of celebrities). It wasn’t terribly late when the movie finished (maybe 10:30), so he could have very well stayed like he agreed to. I really didn’t capture just how off putting he came across during this and how he just obviously didn’t give a sh-t but I wish I had. Sounds a lot like the way you’ve been describing his behavior of late.

Sit DOWN Ryan Reynolds.

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