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A few years ago, Eddie Murphy pissed on his Oscar chances with a sh-t movie called Norbit. The Norbit billboards directly faced the Kodak, described at the time like a slap in the face to Academy Members who frowned upon his indiscriminate film selections.

Sandra Bullock was nominated yesterday for Best Actress. She was nominated the day before for a Razzie.

This is totally not the same.

Sandra Bullock will not lose the Oscar because of All About Steve. Especially not when she keeps talking like this. In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Sandra describes her competition with Meryl Streep and about whether or not she’s embarrassed about her September box office bust:

Sandy & Meryl: “Meryl and I laugh about what people say about us going ‘head to head. In our world, we talk, we laugh, we’re so thankful just to have a mention. I told her, ‘This ride with you has made it so sweet.’ Because I like her so much as a human being and as a woman.

Sandy & Razzie: “Oh my God, how fantastic is that? I’m showing up if I win. Hell, yes! I do everything 100 percent. With All About Steve, we were trying to do something different. And if it gets some kind of award, that means people are talking about it. I’m more comfortable with criticism than I am with goodwill, because I’m more familiar with it, and I’ve made friends with it. And the Razzies are a great honor.”

You can roll your eyes a little at the cliché but there’s also this, as told to the Associated Press:

"With Meryl, when this whole thing started, I left her a voice mail going, 'You've got to watch your back. I'm gonna cut you. I'm gonna take you down. And then she sent me dead orchids and told me to die, so I sent her a case of liquor and told her to toast to white trash."

It reminds me also of Betty White’s recent note to an ailing Rue McLanahan:

"I hope you die, so I can be the last Golden Girl."


Sandy is playing it textbook.

Click here for more Sandra Bullock from Entertainment Weekly. Am attaching photos of 3 amazing Oscar-nominated women – Bullock, Streep, and Kathryn Bigelow at the Critics’ Choice Awards.

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