It’ll cost you $22 million but if you have it, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s townhouse is for sale. There are 5 bedrooms and 7 fireplaces.

7 fireplaces?

Who needs 7 fireplaces?

Apparently the place was built in 1846. I guess that explains it. My ma has a thing about fireplaces and their feng shui. Sometimes they’re full of dark magic. Sometimes it’s better to seal them off.

Anyway, there are 5 floors over 6,800 sq ft. And a good size private terrace. They bought it in 2011, renovated, and tried to sell it a year later unsuccessfully. Now they’ve reportedly “refreshed” it again and have dropped the price from $25 million to $22 million.

This is what the closet looks like:

And the kitchen:

And one of the bathrooms:

Click here to see more pictures.

Here’s SJP in a blue coat today at a photo shoot.