Sarah Paulson, so much has happened since you first came onto my radar in Studio 60. You cut out of there as soon as was possible, proceeded to do ever-cooler projects and I felt like you were winking at me from inside Game Change.

But this dress, which I feel I should applaud due to its not being boring or black or a straight-across ball gown like some people are doing, makes you look yoked. Literally yoked to a dress.  Like you can’t move of your own free will.

At least, that’s what I thought when I saw the straight on pictures. Then I realized that actually you can move and swing and make the thing look like it’s a dress and not a very fancy piece of medical equipment designed to keep you in place, and I like it quite a lot. So I fundamentally reverse my decision, but why can’t you make it look like that when you’re standing still? I think you might need to move your am or something in the shot – just a little tip from me to you.