I wonder if this will go viral today…

Thanks to those of you who sent this over after seeing it on actress Sarah Ramos’s Instagram. As Sarah explains on her Instastory, back in November, she took her dog to the dog park. And when she was there, she saw some kids with their mom selling organic dog treats. 

Not just any mom though. It was Angelina Jolie. Hit the arrows and cycle through the carousel: 



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Of course I’m trying to make out what it says on the homemade sign and can’t. “Help” is the first word, right? Help and then the name of a charity? 

This is so grass roots it kills me. And that seems to be the reaction so far online. Because of course it’s Angelina Jolie, one of the most famous women in the world. And she’s at the dog park sitting at a table you and I would take to a park picnic, with the legs that fold in and it never seems to be level, and you secretly hope it gets left behind at the end of the day, and a plastic change jar to collect proceeds. I wonder how much they made that day. 

In other Angelina Jolie news, she took her kids rock climbing last weekend. Lara Croft vibes, right?