I need Sasha's help to find a hat similar to Blake Lively's. A

Damn, the girl looks real good in a pair of jeans and kicks.  Typically Blake does diddly squat sh-t for me, but the fact that she pretty much wore the same outfit the entire time she was on the west coast makes me actually like her a bit.  Anyway A, agreed, her cloche hat looks hella cute, so let me hit you up with some style double takes.

First up is this cocoa colored wool cloche cap.  It all comes down to brim size for me and this has the perfect width and shape for any head.

I stumbled on a really great brand called Goorin Bros. Their online store is filled to the brim (sorry, I had to) with all kinds of stylin’ hats.  For some copy-cat caps look here, here and here.

If you look close you’ll see that Blake’s hat has a little flower off to the side, and if that caught your eye then get clicking here and here.

Now A, if you want a summer hat to wear right now, then you’ve gotta go the straw route.  I’ve found some really great styles here, here, here, here, here and one more here.

Finally, after looking at a sh-t tonne of hats I leave you with my favorite.  There’s no denying how damn cute it is.