Hi Sasha.  I keep seeing a lot of sheer dresses on the site.  Can you help me find a sexy dress that gives the illusion of showing off my cleavage even though it doesn’t? Something like this dress but not as insanely expensive?!  F


You’re right F, sheer paneling is very much on trend and it’s a great way to sex it up for the holidays, but you just want to make sure that you’re not flashing too much Christmas cheer in people’s faces.  So I’ve narrowed down some style standouts for you to pick from.

One of my favorite looks right now is that bustier illusion style – it draws attention right to your chest and shoulders without revealing too much.  Get ready for some jaw droppers here, and here, and here and finally here.

For some deep plunging necklines that will serve your rack up nicely click away here, and here, and here.

Finally a pairing that works really well with sheer paneling is lace.  It livens up the texture and adds another level of luxe to the outfit.  Peep your eyes on some options here, and here, and oh yes here.

Thanks for writing in and keep your LIFE + STYLE questions coming here.