WHY:  I came to two realizations after the mania of TIFF was finally over:

1)Aaron Paul is built like a ballerina and I somehow find that attractive

2)My hair is a nest of flyaways

Profound, I know. 

Now, #2 was a big one for me because I’ve always just put up with the fact that I have flyaways and like, who gives a sh-t anyway.  But the reason I’ve never cared is because I didn't know there was a product that could do the job without greasing up or weighing down my mane. 

So when I got this product in someone's discarded swag bag I thought for sure it was going to be garbage, but I was SO wrong.   This mini tube is packed with a power punch formula that tames your tresses in an instant.  Comb a little through with the wand and ta-dow you’re left with a polished ‘do.

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