How many times have we heard a former child star talk about how lucky he/she was to have grown up in the age before TMZ? Lots, right? Well now, thanks to the seemingly unquenchable 90s nostalgia trend, the Saved by The Bell Cast are finally going to know what it feels like to have their teenage dirty laundry aired as Lifetime produces a movie about what really went on behind the scenes.

I personally feel a little cynical about this because it seems like the world has been all-too-ready to reminisce about this show from the moment it went off the air. I’m sure we’ve all had the incredibly boring experience of watching some entry-level pop culture Bro go on about how hilarious he thinks the famous Jessie Spano “I’m so excited” moment is. We’ve never really gotten a chance to actually miss Saved by the Bell. That said, it was still amazing and weird, and if this movie has something salacious to reveal about what it was like to get super famous off a Saturday morning sitcom, I think it could be really amazing.

And just in case Lifetime’s producers are wondering how they can make a movie that satisfies entertainment snobs like me AND dedicated SBTB fans, here are some questions I would like answered by the made-for-tv movie…

Did Aaron Spelling personally give the ok on the hyper sexualized workout gear the girls wore for the video as The Hot Sundaes?

Was it also Aaron Spelling’s idea to regularly put Slater in a wrestling singlet?

Did Aaron Spelling really think tween girls were into athletic fetish gear?

What was the cruelest thing someone said to Tori Spelling on set?

Did the girl who played Nikki on Good Morning, Miss Bliss ever settle her blood feud with Tiffany Amber-Thiessen? Was the replacement of Kelly with Tori (the character, not Spelling) secretly an evil plot orchestrated by the girls on California Dreams?

Was Elizabeth Berkley ever given her due for playing TV’s first (only?) teenage radical eco-feminist? Who f*cked who? Who did heroin? What happened to real-life Max?