That he’s on the cover of Men’s Fitness. But, like, he didn’t want to be too obvious about it. So he posted this on Instagram:



Oh, hi. I’m just buying a copy of a magazine with my body on the front page, haha, because they didn’t send me a copy and, humble, humble, the lady doesn’t know who I am and I’m so embarrassed – but if she doesn’t know who the f-ck you are, why do you need to be embarrassed? This douche.

It’s the equivalent of some girl posting shots of herself super fit in a bikini all like, look at this bruise on my leg, omg, I’m so clumsy, LOL! Please. The point is you look hot in the bikini, who you think you’re fooling? It’s at the point now where I feel like I’m genetically engineered to be allergic to this guy. I hate everything about him.

Here are some shots of him in Toronto the other day on the set of Suicide Squad.