If PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive brand is not attracting the high level movie stars that it used to then what is the future of the SMA?

May I present….

Scott Eastwood. You know, the guy who said that he wasn’t interested in Fifty Shades Of Grey because script quality means a lot to him and yet he was in a Nicholas Sparks movie?! That guy.

It was reported earlier this week that Scott has been cast in Ben Affleck’s Live By Night. Right. So this is the film where he shows that he’s Oscar-worthy? Scott and Ben are also in Suicide Squad together. Both Live By Night and Suicide Squad are Warner Bros productions. Ben’s a WB boy, just like Leo and Tom Hardy. You know who else is in deep with Warner Bros? Clint Eastwood.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

Attached - Scott out for dinner in Hollywood last night.