I’ll say it again…

I am not a believer in Scott Eastwood. To me he’s like the Iggy Azalea of heartthrobs. It’s been like this from the very beginning, when everyone got hard over him because of some photo shoot. Not interested. And then a few weeks ago he talked all tough about turning down the role of Christian Grey in Fifty Shades because the script wasn’t up to his standards, remember that?

Well, here he is promoting his new movie. A NICHOLAS SPARKS movie. So far the reviews have been sh-t. Can you believe it? A Nicholas Sparks movie is getting sh-t reviews?

Here’s my favourite critic comment so far, from The Wrap:

“The real love story is between Eastwood and David Tattersall's camera, which spends so much time leering over the actor's cheekbones, abs and other attributes that you begin to wonder if someone's going to call Human Resources.”


But in fairness, how is that different from, say, Magic Mike?

I guess because Magic Mike knows Magic Mike. And isn’t pretending to anything more profound than ripped guys grinding to Ginuwine?

Or maybe it’s just that Scott Eastwood isn’t Channing Tatum. Maybe it’s my own bias against Scott Eastwood. He makes this face. This f-cking face.



So much with this face. This is the face that tells me Scott Eastwood is more Kellan Lutz than Channing Tatum.